Bricklayers Get More Cash Than Architects

Bricklayers Get More Cash Than Architects

The normal bricklayer brings home 10 percent more salary than the run of the mill architect.

As indicated by ongoing surveys, a questionnaire of 320 individuals by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found that small businesses over the UK were paying a normal yearly compensation of £42,034 to bricklayers. This contrast with a middle yearly pay of £38,228 for architects over the UK as expressed by the Office of the National Statistics in its draft (2017) profit figures demonstrate that floorers, scaffolders and plasterers all acquire more than architects. As per the FMB reports, One firm used to pay Londoner bricklayers £90,000 in a year.

FMB CEO Brian Berry included that: ”Money talks, and with regards to yearly pay rates, a vocation in development overrides numerous college graduates jobs.” A normal college graduate in England wins £32,000 per year, while our most recent research demonstrates that a normal bricklayer or roofer is winning £42,000 per year over the UK.

In London, a bricklayer is procuring wages of up to £90,000 per year. Seeking after a vocation in development is along these lines turning into an inexorably insightful move.

Normal yearly pay rates:

  • Handymen £48,675
  • Circuit repairmen acquire £47,265
  • Structural designing agents £44,253
  • Steel fixers £44,174
  • Roofers £42,303
  • Bricklayers £42,034
  • Woodworkers and joiners £41,413
  • Plasterers £41,045
  • Scaffolders £40,942
  • Floorers £39,131
  • Plant agents £38,409
  • Architects £38,228
  • Painters and decorators £34,587
  • General development agents £32,392.

Source: FMB survey of 320 individuals (Median yearly pay in most recent (draft) ONS profit figures)


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